Advanced Pickleball Equipment

Advanced Pickleball Equipment


The thrill of the pickleball court calls to you. As an elite player, you’ve honed your skills and upped your game. Now it's time to complement your competitive edge with high-performance gear worthy of professionals.

We're talking professional grade paddles engineered for control, spin, and blistering shots. Luxe moisture-wicking apparel to keep you cool and collected. Competition balls for that satisfying pop off the paddle sweet spot. And pro-approved shoes to catapult your court coverage and agility to new heights.

Paddles - The Heart of Your Pickleball Game

As any distinguished player knows, your paddle is the most important piece of equipment. Basic wood paddles lack the finesse for competitive play. Instead, upgrade to a graphite or carbon fiber composite paddle. These provide increased power and touch. Expect to invest over $200 for your competitive edge.

Outfit Yourself in High Performance Attire

You can't be distracted by discomfort on the court. Seek out moisture-wicking, quick-drying athletic shirts, shorts, and skirts purpose-built for the demands of pickleball. Top brands like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance offer pickleball styles made of lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabrics. Stay cool and collected - clothing can impact your mental game.

Optimize Your Grip and Footing

Don't let sweat and slides inhibit your domination. Overgrips allow you to customize your paddle grip feel for ultimate control. For your feet, court shoes designed for lateral support, fast changes in direction, and traction help catapult your court quickness. Leading options come from ASICS, New Balance, Adidas, Nike, and more.

Balls for Consistent Pop

Outdoor and indoor balls vary for a reason. Outdoor requires more durable materials to withstand the elements while indoor focuses on consistent bounce. For outdoor, try Dura Fast 40 or Franklin X-40. Indoor fan favorites include Onix Fuse and Gamma Pickleball. You'll enjoy consistent pop and upped speed.

With pro-level pickleball gear elevating your prowess across apparel, accessories, balls, and more - you're ready to truly master the court. Consider it an investment in your ongoing domination. The pickleball elite await you.
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