Pickleball Eye Protection

Pickleball Eye Protection


The Risks of Pickleball Without Eye Protection

Pickleball is a fun paddle sport that has exploded in popularity in recent years. As the game continues to grow, it's important that players understand the safety considerations, especially when it comes to eye protection. Not wearing proper eye protection when playing pickleball can lead to serious eye injuries.

When a pickleball traveling at high speeds hits unprotected eyes, it can cause injuries like corneal abrasions, hyphema (bleeding in front of the eye), lens dislocation, retinal tears or detachment, and even permanent vision loss. The hard pickleball, paddles, and court fence can all pose threats to unprotected eyes.

Many recreational pickleball players wrongly assume eye protection isn't needed for a "backyard sport." But according to the Ophthalmology Times, pickleball eye injuries are increasing as the popularity of pickball skyrocket. Ophthalmologists strongly recommend wearing sport-specific eye protection.

Polycarbonate sports eyeguards designed for racquet sports offer the best protection. Look for eyeguards that wrap around the face to shield eyes from all angles of threat. Proper eye protection should be comfortable, allow airflow, and not disrupt vision. Protective eyewear made for tennis, racquetball, squash, and other racquet sports can work for pickleball.

Wearing eye protection every time you play pickleball is a simple step that can prevent severe injury and permanent vision damage. Don't let an eye injury cut short your enjoyment of this great sport. Protect your eyes each time you head to the pickleball courts. Lead by example and urge other players to wear eyeguards for every game and practice. Your eyesight is precious - take care of it.
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