Founded in 2023, Gambit Pickleball aims to pioneer high-performance pickleball paddles, with a unique emphasis on the intricate balance of design, tactile sensation, and materials science.

The Gambit R&D ensemble, a diverse team of experts from material science, sports engineering, and design, achieved a remarkable feat. They crafted a proprietary multi-layer surface with a 3D printed surface grid that combines aesthetics with performance, all tailored around the physics of pickleball interaction for an enhanced feel. This innovative approach focuses on the paddle's responsiveness, weight distribution, and tactile feedback, ensuring players experience a perfect blend of power and control with every stroke.

After relentless iterations and advancements, Gambit's team unveiled the Knight. This paddle, tested extensively in the lab and on the courts, accentuates the paddle's visual appeal and the nuanced feel of the ball, an aspect that has become a favorite among players.

With the debut of the flagship series starting with the Gambit Knight, players have reported enhanced in-game confidence, attributing their success to the exceptional feel and control provided by these paddles.


The advent of the Gambit Knight marks a paradigm shift in the pickleball world. Gambit Pickleball recognizes that a player's tactile connection to their paddle is paramount. It's not just about striking; it's about feeling the ball's path, understanding its trajectory, and predicting its motion, all through the paddle's feedback. Utilizing principles derived from various disciplines, including design theory, human ergonomics, and materials science, the Knight's surface architecture has been refined to amplify this sensory experience.

Inspired by high-performance sports equipment standards and aesthetics, the design ethos of Gambit Pickleball transcends functionality. The Knight, while adhering to USA Pickleball specs (USAPA Pending), draws from the elite characteristics of gear used in sports like racquetball, tennis, and luxury automotive design, offering not only a visually stunning piece of equipment but one that pushes the boundaries of performance. Its surface, detailed with the finest materials and textures, achieves the highest level of sophistication, giving players unparalleled ball control and spin, a testament to Gambit's commitment to excellence and innovation.