Paddle Care

Cleaning Process:

To maintain the prime condition of your paddle's surface and safeguard its protective edges, we recommend using a soft, damp, lint-free cloth for routine cleanings. For those with Gambit's specially designed pickleball paddles, a gentle wipe with a moist cloth is sufficient, thanks to our moisture-resistant, anti-fade print technology. However, post-cleaning, it's crucial to dry off the paddle with a clean cloth to thwart bacterial proliferation. Remember, submerging your paddle in water is a strict no-no. After cleaning, place the paddle in a protective mesh bag to avoid unnecessary wear.

Our groundbreaking designs in the pickleball industry assure resilience against damage from moisture, promising that the vibrant colors and intricate graphics on Gambit's specialty paddles remain ever-dazzling.

Handle Care:

Post-match, the paddle handle is a hotspot for accumulated sweat, skin cells, and potential bacterial growth. Wiping it with a damp cloth is good, but replacing the overgrip regularly is even better for hygiene and paddle longevity. If the overgrip isn't replaced, ensure the handle is thoroughly dry before storing it in a mesh bag to prevent moisture-related damages.

Temperature Guidelines:

Extreme temperatures are adversaries to your paddle's lifespan. Residents of colder regions should avoid leaving paddles in unheated garages or car trunks, as the frigid atmosphere makes materials brittle. Conversely, direct sunlight exposure can soften the paddle, risking easier detachment of the protective edges.

Pro Tips:

Treat your pickleball paddle with the same reverence as your smartphone. Post-play, ensure it's free from contact with harsh surfaces, and never drop or drag it along the ground, as such actions compromise the protective edges. Maintain a clean playing area, as rough particles like sand can mar the paddle's surface. When not in use, store your paddle separately from hard items like keys or phones to prevent scratches.

Despite Gambit's paddles being backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, it's vital to note that standard wear and tear fall outside this coverage. For any product-related concerns, our customer service team is readily available to assist you promptly.

Regular Gambit Pickleball Paddle Upkeep
Cleaning Instructions:

Utilize a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe down the paddle's surface and secure its edges. Avoid using a wet cloth on 3D printed pickleball paddles, as it could degrade the graphics over time. Post-cleaning, store the paddle in an official Gambit cover or bag to prevent any harm.

Handle Hygiene:

After games, the handle, laden with sweat and dead skin, becomes a breeding ground for germs. It's essential to cleanse it with a damp cloth and secure it with a fresh sweatband before storage in the mesh bag, preventing moisture accumulation that could hasten degradation.

Weather Warnings:

Shield your paddles from extreme weather conditions. If you're in a colder area, refrain from leaving your equipment in non-insulated spaces like trunks or garages. Also, remember that after prolonged exposure to the sun, especially during hot matches, the paddle's protective edging might soften and become prone to damage.

Usage Tips:

Handle your paddle with care at all times. Avoid impact with hard surfaces, rough handling, or dropping it, as these can harm the paddle's structure. Ensure a clean playing environment and store your equipment carefully, away from objects that could cause scratches or dents.

Gambit Pickleball retains full rights to the final interpretation of these guidelines, committed to ensuring you have the best experience with our products.