Limited Lifetime Warranty

Scope of Warranty Protection Gambit Pickleball stands behind the craftsmanship and quality of our paddles, offering a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing and workmanship defects, contingent upon warranty activation through purchase through This warranty is exclusively available to the original owner and is non-transferrable post-registration. It is designed to cover any faults in materials and craftsmanship for the paddle's lifetime. Exclusions apply for standard wear and tear, damages from misuse, negligence, or any alterations made by the user, as well as the expected gradual deterioration of graphics through prolonged usage.

Additional Provisions The responsibility resides solely with Gambit Pickleball to assess and conclude if a paddle's damage falls under our limited lifetime warranty's jurisdiction. Decisions regarding the repair or replacement of a warranted paddle rest at our exclusive discretion. It is important to note that any paddles provided as replacements will not carry the original's lifetime warranty coverage.