Pickleball Skill Rating Calculator

Pickleball Skill Rating Calculator


How to use: Check the skills you possess and are comfortable with in pickleball below and click 'Calculate Skill Level' to get your estimated skill ranges. Keep in mind these skills are just estimates - the real level and ratings are through playing other players!

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Pickleball Skill Levels

1.0: Beginner. Just starting to play and learning the basics.

1.5: Slight understanding of the game and its rules.

2.0: Can sustain a short rally with players of equal ability.

2.5: Beginning to master basic strokes and can keep score.

3.0: Improved consistency and starting to develop strategies.

3.5: Good shot anticipation, often able to force errors on opponents.

4.0: Consistent play against similar skill levels, can vary strategies and styles.

4.5: Beginning to anticipate opponent's shots and regularly setting up points.

5.0: Strong athleticism, consistently beats players of a 4.5 level.

5.5: Can vary strategies and styles in competitive play, often beats players of 5.0 level.

6+: Professional level. Consistently wins against lower-ranked players and often competes at the championship level.

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